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Tuesday, February 14, 2012
From 'TheFishSite' via SWIRL
Opposition to Marine Harvest Expansion in Ireland
ANALYSIS - Opposition is growing in regard to Marine Harvest's announcement that it would invest �3.5 million in developing a new salmon farm site in Bantry Bay, Co Cork.
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26th July 2010
Invertebrate Study
Invertebrate Study
Report on the Invertebrate Survey of the Kings River carried out by Tommy Hoyne BSc on behalf of the Trust
Click here to download report...

29th June 2010
Salmon Spawning
salmon spawning
Beautiful video of salmon spawning in Kilkenny. See it on our videos page......

27thJune 2010
Ennisnag Festival
Ennisnag Festival
Ennisnag hosted a fabulous day out, and raised funds for the local community and the Nore Suir River Trust.
See a selection of great shots of the event on Flickr at this link...

Fly fishing for salmon on the Nore

Fly fishing for salmon, River Nore, September 2007

Trusting the future of the Nore and our salmon to those who care Kilkenny People Sean Keane 19th February
The need to preserve our salmon stocks was never so important...Read more here...

A selection of interesting articles by the late Luna B Leopold
1) Water & the Conservation Movement
2) A Value in Fear - Some Rivers Remembered...
3) Let Rivers Teach Us


The Nore Suir River Trust Strategy Plan: 'Why do the Nore and Suir Need a River Trust' - download here.

The Barrier Report: 'Assessment of Fish Passage and the Ecological Impact of Migration Barriers on the River Nore Catchment', Alan Sullivan BSc MIFM.
- download here.

The Nore Suir River Trust Newsletter
Spring 2010
- download here.

Farmed Salmon Exposed:
The Global Reach of the Norwegian Salmon Farming Industry. Video by Pure Salmon Campaign.
Click here to see the full video.

Beautiful video of salmon spawning in Kilkenny  29th June 2010
See this on our Videos Page...

SWIRL Report - Salmon Fishing in Ireland
11th May 2010
The Licensing and Regulation of Marine Finfish Farms in Ireland. Read report here...

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